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I got this 460X case that I won a long time ago.

Been wondering what to do with it.


Finally got some ideas, a goal and awesome support from both Corsair and Gigabyte. Time to roll!


I don't think this one needs a closer presentation. Well I skipped that and this is what I got to start with.




I've got no fancy 3D-model or any renders for this project as I'm going to build it from the ground up anyway.

My main idea is to do a rotated layout with connections facing upwards.

This will put my two graphics cards in the front visible through the front glass panel.

This also means that I have to change sides of the motherboard tray and glass side panel. Tricky!


PSU will remain where it is and I will mount radiators next to it. We'll start there and see where it gets!

Hardware is still dropping in and I can't wait to start building!

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Lets start with stripping this thing down and removing everything I don't need, which is almost all.

Actually, what I will keep intact is the frame, bottom and part of the top and front.




I will re-used the I/O and PCIe bracket but not the motherboard tray. I'm happy that it could be removed quite easily and saved.

The custom lengths standoffs will also be removed and used for my new tray.

They're a bit longer than "normal" screw standoffs and that's why I bother to use them.








Backside will be made of dual acrylic sheets, one from the inside and one from outside. They will cover the cut and designed to hold PSU and dual 120 mm rads.



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I'm back, been busy working for a while now and forgot all about updates.

Well, I've been working with a new motherboard tray and the quite complicated new top.

I decided to re-use only the PCI and I/O fram from the original case to create my own tray, positioned where I want it for my new layout.




Measure, cut, grind and then try if it fits. Well repeat..




There we go, this first stage is complete and my layout is set.

Now I know where my motherboard and graphics cards will be located.


Off we go to the front panel!




Corsair got this dust filter in the front. My first thought was to replace it with my own one, but as I like to use parts and see their potential I tried to modify it.

As easy as it may seem I tried to remove a few parts from the comb pattern and create my own different one.




My idea was to open up the front a bit more to allow see through to my front mounted graphics card.

It needs a bit more polishing around the edges but you get the point.

I'm happy with the design and love these easy steps to transform something.




To completely open up the top I also cut and threw away the front mounting frame for fans.

Now I'll have a beautiful window at the front! :)



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