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Problem with h100i aio cooler.


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So after a couple of years of working properly it seems it has reached it's final hours. Temperatures these days have been through the roof 70C on an idle 8350 [without any kind of overclocking(had to drop all the oc or else the pc would shut down from temp) ] . I assume the pump has failed but I do not know any way to test if it is that or something else might be the problem. I mean I checked the connectors of the pump and they seem fine , but one of the tubes is full hot like almost unbearable to touch and the other is cool . Now there are 2 possibilities either the pump is dead *rip* or the cables are the problem, i do not know really.



Please do not say things such change thermal paste and stuff cause this isnt a problem of heat dissipation from the cpu to the cpu cooler , since the water doesnt get hot , it just doesnt seem to circulate. Do you guys have anything to suggest or any help at all ?

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