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Corsair Link can't detect my H80iV2 properly.


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Hello Guys,


I hope you can get my problem fixed! Also this is my first thread, so... Yeah :D: :D:.

Let me explain my problem first. So It's actually performing very well, pump is working fine, fans also. But my problem starts with the corsair link. You know, you must first install the drivers before you get any informations about your cooler. I installed it correctly, you can be sure about that. But still, sometimes corsair link or the driver can't recognize my cooler, the fans are still running though and the pump also. I can't get also my infos about my cooler, when my PC goes to sleep. When I wake him up, there will be no infos about my cooler whatsoever, but like I said, the fans and the pump worked fine. What the heck is going on with my cooler?


Cooler: H80iV2

Note: The USB, that the Corsair gave it to me, is plugged to my Motherboard USB 2.0 connector.



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