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LIst of problem i encourtered


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I choosed to change my mouse cause the scimitar rgb have too much bugs for me. But i list the bugs i encountered to help corsair improve the product.


1st: Lift height settings.

Whatever the settings it change nothing. The only way i've found its change my mouse pad. I sold my corsair mm200 to buy another one, another brand. The problem is that the scimitar rgb need a dark mouse pad. If you have a shiny one like mm200, the mouse "respond" at approximatively 1.5cm above the mouse pad.


2nd: Mouse won't boot with pc.

Very often i have to unplug then plug the mouse cause at boot, the mouse wont light up.


3rd: Num pad start bugging after 4months.

When i boot the pc, the mouse is on, but the num pad dont work. Macro are done etc.. But.. nothing happen. I have to reboot the pc and hopefully it work , or reboot again.

And now all work..... except the 1 key.... In game i cant throw my 2 3 4 etc.. but not the 1... i have to reboot until it works.


Cue and firmware are up to date and i'm on windows 10 x64 up to date too.


Apps running:

Well known keyboard apps with green ( dont want to make free ads ^^')

Another well known headphone apps (different from the first ask in mp to know)

Skype and comodo and of course cue app.


For my part, I will wait sometimes like I did for another well known gaming brand, to retry peripherals from Corsair.


This thread is not for flamming Corsair, just to help Corsair with my feedback to improve their stuff :)

For the record my last "G" Mmo mouse had no problem until left click die after 3years.


For the pros:

- The adjustable number pad.

- The software is easy to use and a lot of customisation

- The mouse is fat but light. Awesome in hand not to heavy not to light :)


It's really in the spirit to help corsair. 5years ago i bought a keyboard from the green gamer brand. And it screw up at 6month. And now i retry it it work awesome. I really hope Corsair will improve their expertise on this to rare kind of mouse cause except durability and stability (i guess at software level but just a guess), i loved this mouse :)

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