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Random double spaces and space after first letter


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Initially I thought this was just a matter of getting used to the new keyboard (this being my first mechanical keyboard) and I had to get rid of habits acquired while typing on a rubber dome keyboard for many years.


However, after a month I've noticed that the issue of random double spaces still persists, and sometimes I get a space after the first letter of a random word. I'd swear it's not me pressing the space again accidentally, so it has to be something with the keyboard.


I should also note that double spaces rarely if ever happened to me on the old rubber dome keyboard and when they did, I knew it was my fault. The random space after the first letter of a word never occurred, either.


Is there any way to diagnose where the issue lies? The keyboard is running firmware 1.07.123


(And go figure, while typing this post neither of the problems happened once)

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-Problems with Key Chatter, Key Double Typing

Confirm that you have this issue using Switch Hitter.

Try a different polling rate which can be adjusted using the switch in the back.

Try blowing some compressed air into the faulty key switch.

If that does not work RMA the keyboard with Corsair or exchange it with your reseller.

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I did check the keyboard with Switch Hitter. It didn't show any issues. But like I said, this happens very randomly.


I did change the polling rates several times. It happens at 1 ms and it happens at 8 ms and in between as well.


I tried reseating the keycap but it didn't help. However, I did notice that the space switch is just slightly wobbly in its socket. Maybe that's the reason? There's like a quarter of a millimetre sideways play to it. I will give it some compressed air. Anywhere in particular I should blow the air?


Yeah, unless I can solve it without somehow altering the keyboard's structure and losing the warranty in the process, I will probably be forced to return it. I type a lot, so this sort of issue is not something I can look over.

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I'm having the exact same issue


So I'm not the only one.

I wonder if your keyboard's shown anything in Switch Hitter (oh, a double space just popped in there).


I tried the (and another one) suggestion of blowing compressed air into the switch, but as you can see it didn't help. I pressed the brown stem down and blew the (and another) in around it. I hope that's (and another one, wow it's crazy) how I was supposed to do it.


I think I'll end up returning it to the shop that sold it and ask for a replacement or refund.


EDIT: I see the forum engine is correcting double spaces so none of those that popped in are actually showing.

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Alright, I think I found a possible reason and solution for my problem, and it looks like it was partly on my end and partly on the keyboard's construction.


Namely, while typing with my preferred method, I strike the space key on its left end (let's say the left quarter of its length). Whenever I strike the space key there with my left thumb, the problem keeps occuring.


However, when I switched to hitting the space key with my right thumb, which lies much closer to the space key's centre, the problem completely disappeared. Therefore, there must be something off about the key's construction, which causes this issue to happen when the key is struck on its left end. Maybe it's to do with the side supports or how the strike force is transferred to the main switch.

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The next step I would suggest is submitting a ticket for a hard reset or replacement with our technical support staff.




I had already had the keyboard replaced under your RMA procedure. The replacement keyboard I got was doing the exact same thing: random double spaces and space inserted after the first letter of a random word.


I considered it impossible for two different models of the same keyboard to display the same issue if the fault was with the space key switch. I mean, what would the chances be for the space switch in two different units to display the exactly same problem?


So I concluded that the issue lies elsewhere and I started experimenting with different presses while still typing normally. Lo and behold: hitting the space key with my right thumb closer to the centre does not cause the problem. There may be something off about how the space key overall is constructed in this keyboard model.


You may want to pass this on to your technical department/designers to look into.

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