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Anyone have VeraCrypt System Encryption working on boot drive?


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Several tries and I cannot get VeraCrypt whole disk encryption to activate on the boot drive (240GB SSD holding EFI, Windows, Recovery). It gets as far as launching the pre-boot authentication test -- system reboots but I never get the VeraCrypt prompt for password. System reboots again and VeraCrypt fails the pre-boot test.


I have turned off Secure Boot mode in the BIOS (Advanced -> Windows OS Config -> Secure Boot : "Secure Boot Support: Disabled")


My BIOS version is E7A66IZ1.4QF (unchanged from factory) and MSI Live Update says that is current. On MSI's web site I find several newer versions for the Z270I mobo, e.g. version 7A66v17 -- but the BIOS flash tool won't install that rev.


If you have gotten VeraCrypt working, please share how you did it.


Many thanks in advance,

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