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Corsair Commander Pro not showing in CL4


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I am having some problems with my new Commander Pro. My PC is a R7 1700 on a Asus C6H and a AX860i PSU with win10 64bit. CL4 shows no corsair devices and does not list anything under Devices. It does show some information from my system, gpu and ram.

I have it plugged in to the only USB header that the C6H has and to the SATA power, all my fans run from the Commander Pro and they are all on, the Commander Pro status Led is off. I have my H110i GT plugged into the Commander Pro but like I said, I get no devices on CL4.

I have reinstalled CL4, reconnected the USB to the header just case and swapped the SATA power connector, it is in the same rail as my SSD and the SSD is working fine.

Ask me any questions, I don't take offense. I just need some help on getting this working.

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I just need some help on getting this working.


I advise posting the CL [Home] tab screen shot and doing as follows.


  1. The SIV initial + [uSB Bus] + [Link Devices] + [Link Status] + [Link Fans] + [Link LEDs] panels allow the root cause of many hardware issues to be determined and resolved.
  2. If you need help with a CL hardware issue I recommend attaching these screen shots to your post using names such as [Link Devices].png.
  3. You should also ensure your PC Specs are up to date and specify the Windows Build number.
  4. Check the devices are present on Devices and Printers and confirm that Windows Device Manager is not reporting any issues.
  5. ALL of the files in the siv.zip release should be extracted to C:\Program Files\SIV\ or similar and SIV should be run from there.
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