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New processors available?


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I would be very impressed if you could buy a Corsair One with an 8th generation processor before the end of the year.


Intel hasn't announced 8th generation desktop chips yet -- though of course there are rumours -- and have been for years.


Consider this, all of which is speculation based on rumours:


* Intel may ship the i7-8700K in October, but you never know

* There is a new Z370 chipset which means new motherboards!

* ITX motherboards may not be the first thing MSI tackles (compare the Ryzen ATX vs. ITX mobo releases)

* There is a custom BIOS on the Corsair One, correct?

* Leave some time for Corsair to validate that all this works together

* And some time before you can buy the updated model through your favourite retailer


Is it worth waiting for an expected +200 Mhz greater boost clock? Are you planning to use it for tasks where 6-cores would be beneficial?


Only you can answer those questions. You can forever wait for the next thing, whether Coffee Lake or Volta or whatever comes after that.

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As the 8th Gen Intel processors are currently coming to market are you able to give roughly an estimation when the Corsair One Pro may include them ? Like first half or second half 2018 ?

Understanding that any info prior to any official announcement can change and company decisions can change at anytime so that's something not to take for granted.

I'm figuring if I go with a custom build right now or with a Corsair One Pro. I did a LOT of digging on mini ITX build and as exciting it gets to build his own computer with all the possibilities, I have to say the One Pro looks absolutely awesome, and all the engineering you came up with is really really attractive. Great work guys

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Dustin! Appreciate your reply.

Not sure what a tradeshow is, but I'll Google it. Anyways, thanks for the insight. I'll now be able to take a decision. Not an easy one still.

I'm really in love with the Corsair One... In terms of durability and future proof (Although that technically doesn't exist) how much life-spam would you give the Corsair One?

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