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Cooling problems (sudden) h80


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Today - hot day so I thought it might be that but my temps went awol and noticed that they were topping out at 88 degrees.


At this point I took the computer apart to clean dust filters etc which made little difference. So dismantle the H80, reapply thermal and clean. In bios first try it hit 85 degrees so I re-applied paste and got slightly lower. I removed the overclock and ended up with some erratic results - eg. 85degrees but then when I left it a while it dropped to 65 - seem to be something working and then not.


Firstly let's get this into perspective: I am running a Xeon X560 on an x58 board. This is probably the coolest CPU I have ever seen or run.

Usually when I fire up and it's OCd at 3.7 it will start in the low 20s with one core actually around 12. Not much will push this over 65 usually. So something has happened very suddenly. I'm running it at no OC to keep the temps manageable in windows as I investigate.



Here's where I need some help with some of the more intimate knowledge that some of you may have. Here are my observations.


1) Feeling the tubes when it's running very hot -one is Very hot and the return is cool.


2) The top secton of the radiator where the tubes enter and leave is hot but the rest of the rad is dead cool - you wouldn't believe anything is running around the main part .. and in fact .. I am wondering ..


3) putting a screwdriver to the pump case and my ear to that I can clearly here the pump whirring - it is constant regardless of the profile chosen which I think is right as the profile only ramps the fans up AFAIK.


So I'm left wondering what on earth is going on. I am not that bad at applying paste but I reapplied several times and each time I got differing results till I realised that of it's own accord the temp can drop suddently.


So given this am I looking at a dicky pump or a blocked rad? Is it common to have a blockage? Is it likely to have the tube to the rad heat up quickly but not to have a fairly similar temp on the other tube?


I'm confused because I am also wondering if a CPU can go faulty eg the plate comes unstuck and so overheats - however if this happened I wouldn't expect to feel such heat on the tubes. I'm told it's a rare thing for the cpu to go this way.


If anyone can offer some suggestions - I have rarely had problems applying paste so I'm pretty sure this isn't the problem. A failed pump I would understand but I don't understand what could be the problem if the cooler is at fault here as pump appears to be ok.

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Partial blockage at the radiator seems most likely. It is not super common, but your H80 may have a few years on it. The older the cooler, the more likely little bits of sealant have combined with anti-corrosion elements to become something unhelpful. This would seem to be the more probably answer. Usually when the pump goes, you have some other signal (boot error, no BIOS speed, etc). Additionally, you would likely get the heat building up in both tubes from the pump, with an entirely cold radiator. The half hot radiator suggests the problem is up there.


If you are still under warranty, contact Corsair through the Link at the top of the page. If not or if you wish to try some intermediate steps, you can try and turn the case on its side to see if the blockage will dislodge. A more aggressive move is to take it out and shake it to accomplish the same thing. Fair warning: this can have mixed results. It might work and it might just move the clog elsewhere. Definitely a hit or miss operation, although if you are at ~90C now, you likely can't get much worse.

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Hi c-attack,


Many thanks for the reply. I kind of needed this kind of confirmation, ie. that a block could occur.


Since posting I've seen this start up at 85 degrees and then 50 degrees, 67 each time I put it back together. So after I removed the OC I got into windows and with core temp on I noticed after a while that idle temp reduced a fair amount and it seemed to settle.

I've gone to the OC and it's too high for this processor but as opposed to entering windows with 85 -96 it's sitting there at 47 ish on idle and went to 76 with a quick test of Ghost Recon.


Also I had established that there is some circulation now and that the pump was functioning so the blockage is a feasible theory and one that is changing.


I must have caused this when I took the whole thing out to vacuum it and d-dust.


Sadlly this one isn't in warranty anymore so I'm going to have to buy a replacement as this is still a good 10 degrees hotter than it should be and there's no guarantee it wont' move back and forth, and remembering one re-paste where I had 85, then another at 57 then another back to 85 I don't fancy taking this off again as this problem seems pretty volatile. I have something I can use for the time being if I can leave it be and it behaves itself for a bit.


Thanks for your thoughts.

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Quite often this problem description is preceded by the words "I just took it down for cleaning and...". It's most like you awoke a dormant issue rather than causing it at that moment, but obviously the end result is the same. If this is a blockage, you are likely to see base temps continue to steadily climb the longer you are up and running. If the base idle gets too high, you need to shut down for a few hours to let it cool down. It can be painfully slow to do so.
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I can imagine and it's more of a shock because that operation after a lot of dust clogging usually restores around 10 degrees.


Started up today and it's holding on to it's temp but I'm sure you are right, this could change in an heart beat.

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