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Think I have a faulty stick of Corsair 1GB DDR XMS3200XL Pro TwinX (2x512MB) CAS2

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Hi guys,

Was bought this for christmas, no receipt. I should also mention I'm a UK Customer.


I have this 2x512 kit, and found my system was becoming very unstable. I have ran memtest on the modules and it found 24 errors within 30 minutes of testing!


I have ran the dimms seperately, one works (and memtests) fine, but with the other dimm in the system I get windows errors and system instability almost immediately after boot.


I have contacted the company it was purchased from, but without a receipt/invoice they are saying I have no proof of purchase from them and they are refusing to help. I'm extremely dissapointed with the service I'm getting from this supplier that I've used exclusively for years.


The memory is run stock, on an athlon 3200+ on a ABIT NF-7-S V2.0 board (nothing is overclocked, everything in my system runs at stock).

I have ran the ram settings from SPD values, as well as the "default" speed on my motherboard.


The ram has been working fine and suddely came up with these problems. Nothing in my system has been upgraded/changed. I have also tried re-installing windows....crashes with the bad dimm, installs fine with the other.


so my questions are so


1) Is my ram faulty? (it appears one dimm probably is)

2) Will corsair swap my ram without a receipt?

3) What's the return procedure for people in the UK?


Help me corsair, your my only hope! :D:

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