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Questions About A Refurbished K70 LUX RGB


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Can any Corsair rep tell me why this particular refurbished K70 LUX RGB keyboard has RF2 listed at the end of the model number? All other refurbs only have RF at the end of the model number.


Why is the Corsair name logo missing at the top, and only showing the Sail logo?


Also, the warranty is showing to be only for 90 days instead of the usual 1-year warranty. Is there a reason for the shortened warranty, or is it a simple mistake?


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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I know this isn't a tech support forum, but do Corsair reps not frequent the various other forums? Was looking for answers for a potential purchase of the keyboard. Even sent an email earlier today to support, and have yet to hear anything back.


They do from time to time but you're not going to get an answer in a day. And even if they do check they aren't guaranteed to answer your question. Also, support is bogged down rn and sending an email won't do anything.

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