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Mapping Key Combinations (including Fn key) to other keys


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I'm about to buy a K65 Lux but wanted to know if it's possible to use CUE to map key combinations to emulate other keys.


For example, on a keyboard like the 60% Vortex Poker 3, you have fn+i,j,k,l acting as arrow keys which is nice since your hands don't have to leave home row when editing text.


I'd also like to use the shortcut fn+L to lock windows (so one must log in again after leaving your desk, as required by many a company security policy), since the Windows key is taken by the FN key.


I might like to change the media control keys to other fn key combos that I'm familiar with from my other keyboards.


Other types of combinations (like ctrl+alt+i) could be mapped with a tool like autohotkey, but I'm pretty sure that nothing outside of the keyboard can see the FN key, so it's pretty much a waste of windows key except for media stop/prev/play/next.


Is it (or will it eventually be) possible to allow fn key combinations like these to be added or modified through CUE?


If so, this would provide an excellent degree of customizability for keyboard enthusiasts who want great control over their layouts.

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