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CUE signals error all the time


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Hello Corsiar-Community,


I need a bit of advice. First of all I have two corsair devices, first Corsair Strafe RGB, second Corsair Void USB. That's why I use the CUE.


When I open it it always says "Please reboot to complete installation". No matter how often I restart my computer it keeps saying that. But it's not too bad because I can use the CUE normal and can change RGB effects and all that.

Just wanted to say the first "issue" the CUE is reporting.


The second issue is that when I'm trying to check for an update over the settings of the CUE it says: "The Corsair Utility Engine has detected an error during software update check". Thats the problem I'm more worried about because it's not possible for me to update the CUE.


Can someone help me with that problem? I already reinstalled the CUE like 2 or 3 times and it still isn't fixed yet.




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