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Lighting control issues with Corsair Link

C9 Marshmello

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So I recently built my new rig and decided that I wanted to light it up like a Christmas tree. It currently contains 6 Corsair HD 120 rgb fans and 4 Corsair Lighting Node Pro LED strips all hooked into 1 Corsair Commander Pro. The issue I'm having is that everything seems to work fine when the LED's are set to 'rainbow wave' and 'rainbow', but if I attempt to change the lighting to anything other than those two settings I begin to run into some problems. Such as Fan 1 no longer registering and the other 5 fans moving up in the chain, causing Fan 1 to no longer light up (same thing happens to the LED strips.)(Attachments are pictures of what I hope I was able to accurately describe.) I appreciate any assistance that anyone is able to give. Thank you in advance!




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