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Corsair HD120 Fans = 1 out of 6 Lighting up :(


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Hey guys, im REAAAAAALLY hoping someone can finally help me get out of this RGB NIGHTMARE :mad::[pouts::evil:


Recently purchased the Corsair 570x with 6 Corsair HD 120 fans, Corsair commander Pro + Corsair lightning node pro. Moved my computer parts into the case, plugged everything in, exchanged the SD controller + SD fans with the HD controller + added the HD fans. All 6 HD 120 fans -----> controller, the 3 pin cable goes from controller ------> LED 1 on the Corsair Commander Pro. LED 2 is connected with the Lightning node pro RGB strips. Commander pro connects to Sata + USB hub on MOBO. (sorry if that was painful to read lol)


Where im at right now..

FANS = 1 out of 6 HD fans are lighting up or letting me control lighting(all are spinning)

Lighting Node pro = 4 strips are working like a charm and letting me control the lights 100%.


Seems to me everything is plugged in correctly otherwise the 1 lone ranger of fans + Lighting Node pro wouldnt be working? ive watched so many videos and i've tried so many different ways to set this up (even took the Commander pro out of the equation and used the control hub + Lighting node pro hub and still nothing)


please for the love of GOD, im hoping someone can help me with this :( thank you in advance!

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