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LOUD volume and unable to turn on 7.1 surround sound for Void RGB Wireless


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I recently purchased a Void RGB Wireless (white) headset from Amazon.


The volume for the headset is extremely loud. I had to have the master volume under 20 for anything to be bearable. I Googled some solutions and am currently using the Equalizer APO; however, in order for me to have a tolerable level I need to adjust the dB so much that I get a really loud static sound from it. So, for now, I've settled with it just having it at a -20 dB, and having my master volume under 30. It's still quite loud though.


I've now noticed I cannot select this headset for spatial sound, and be able to check the box to turn on 7.1 surround sound.


I just updated CUE to the most recent version. Nothing has changed.


Is there anything else I can do?




I should add I am using Windows 10.

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What version of CUE do you have currently installed? Try rolling back to a previous version of CUE and let me know if the issue continues:




I am using the latest update, so checking the CUE version it shows 2.16.87. I'm fairly sure I had the previous version installed when I first got the headset, as I remember updating CUE; however, I tried your suggestion and uninstalled the current version and reinstalled the past version (2.15.83).


It is still EXTREMELY loud after the uninstall and reinstall of the last version of CUE. My master volume is at 16, and it is still way too loud.

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Does the issue continue when CUE is not installed, and you try to playback audio through the headset?


Yes, the issue is still there. I put the dB back to 0 for the Equalizer APO, and the sounds from the head are still extremely loud at 100; however, I can have the master volume up slight more now. I have it set at 25 at the moment, instead of 16.

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