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Is the Temperature too high?


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Hello everybody,


I just set up a new Computer and I am a bit concerned about the Temperatures that are shown in the CL4 program. Temp#4 and Temp#5 are at 47°C while i am not running any programms at all.


Also CL4 is showing 5 different Fans/Fan rpm. (#1, #2, #3, H115i, gtx1080) But I only have 4 Fans installed (2 for the H115i, 1 for the GTX 1080 and 1 in the case)


Can anyone help me out? are the temps normal or did i maybe install something wrong? The GPU is a "GTX 1080 Sea Hawk" and i changed the original fans (H115i+GTX) with "be quiet silent Wings 3" fans.


Sorry im not a native English speaker. I hope you can understand me^^

I added a screenshot of CL4


Edit: I thought i should add some information. The 2 fans on the H115i are plugged into the Y split of the cooler itself. They are used as intake. The 3pin of the H115i is plugged into "CPU Fan1" on the mainboard

The Mainboard is a "MSI H270 gaming M3".

The Fan that is attached on the GPU is plugged into "Sys Fan2" on the Mainboard and the Case Fan is plugged into "Sys Fan3" on the Mainboard. These 2 are used as outtake.


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So this is pretty easy.


Your temperatures look fine, so don't worry about those. The temperatures of the individual cores in your processor will fluctuate some. You may not be doing anything, but Windows can be running tasks in the background that will cause a light increase in temperature.


One of the fans you're seeing on your motherboard, probably Fan #1, is going to be the pump speed (divided by 2). You connected your H115i to CPU_FAN1, so that's what's being reported. This is all fine and totally normal!


Everything looks good. :) The only time you should worry is if any temperature is 80C or higher.

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