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Can't install Corsair link


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A few weeks ago I upgraded from windows 8.1 to Windows 10, to fix some problems with certain services that prevented my pc from shutting down.


Now I want to reinstall link software, but it doesnt work. At the controll panel it says it is correctly installed


But if I try to open Link from the installation folder, well just nothing opens at all.


I do however hear my coolers fans speeding up, which didnt happened before.


I tried to install different versions for link, remove and reattach the link cables...


My hardware:




Corsair hardware:





thx in advance

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I did had corsair link removed tho before I did the upgrade. That still could cause the problem?


Basicly when I install it, corsair link is present in the procceses list. And I can hear my cooler fan speeding up while doing cpu intensive work (No link installed, it just stays at the same RPM all the time)


I just can't open Corsair Link. Not with administrator or compatability mode.



Doing a clean Windows install is one of the things I hate the most.

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