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Hello everyone,

I am having problems with a new installation for the Corsair H110i. My issue is that I have a "Asus Prime X370-Pro" and I'm getting different answers looking at Youtube videos for other makes or models.


My issue is that I have 2 fans for my case "Corsair Carbide 400C" and I relocated the front to the top. I put the H110i radiator/fans on front of case.


Where on this "Asus Prime X370-Pro" board do I plug the 3-pin power pump header? Thee's a Sata cable attach which I believe plugs into my power box.


Some say to put it on the AIO_PUMP or CPU_FAN or W_PUMP+


If after connecting it to those pins do I have to change anything in BIOs?


PLEASE someone with expertise help me out. I'm at the end of this build and wanna finish this up.

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As suggested above. On Asus boards, the CPU and its copy OPT can only do CPU temp. You don't really want your case fans racing around with every browser blip or program launch. It is a good place to put the H110i lead and you'll get a CPU fan error if something goes wrong. There also has to be something there to boot up and the header satisfies that requirement. Actual power comes from the SATA line. That AIO header is for when you are not going to run the fans from the pump controller (or units that cannot). Then the pump goes on AIO and the fans on CPU/OPT. That might also be the way to run it if you decide you cannot use the Link software.
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