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Faulty AX860i, Horrible customer service, disaster RMA.

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I am atechnacian working in a Repair shop in Dublin.

I like to help friends to built Gaming PC as a Hobby when I have time.


The Story is:


Bought 2 AX860i last year as they are with 7 years Warranty and madly expensive that I thought they must be extramely GOODDDDDD.

Built a PC last Xmas, No problem at all.


Built a Gaming PC last month with another AX860i, Faulty since day one, Changed everything to proofed, it was faulty PSU.

Googled about AX860i, Found out massive quantity of AX860i has been faulty and Complaint all over the internet.

Here is the Most Horrible experience in my life with a PC Part.


21th of July 2017:

Went to Corsair Website that realized I need register and open a Ticket.

Created a Ticket with all my details and Proof of purchashing

Wait almost a week, No reply at all.


27th of July 2017:

Find out there is a LIVE CHAT option to contact directly.

Talked to a agent and got ticket proofed.

I was told need to wait that I will be contact when they have the RMA and Shipping Label for me.

Wait for few days no reply at all.

Montioned many user had bad experienced and Complaint, This kind problem that Corsair as a leading edge Company that should look after customer very well. such like give a customer Pre-Paid Label to recover Corsair's reputation.

This PSU faulty from day one got nowhere that I need to Pay for the Shipping myself.


1st of August 2017

When to LIVE CHAT again explained everything to another agent .

He got me RMA proofed and shipping Label.

Negotiations about the Pre-Paid Label but got my request refused.


5th of August 2017

Went to Post Office and Sent it to BOLTON in the early morning.

Was Expensive Shipping and was told they will be received in 2 DAYS.


12 of August 2017

Received a Parcel from Corsair.

A """"AX760"""" PSU in the Parcel.


My PSU was AX860i, Corsair send me a Down Grade PSU.

I was so Angryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Thinking about how much time that I wasted and money I have Paid.


13 of August 2017:

Bought a "EVGA 600W" PSU as I and friend really could not wait any more and We can not use the "Wrong replacement".


16 of August 2017:

LIVE CHAT with agent again, explained the whole story again.

I was told a agent made mistake, thought Fauly PSU was "AX760".

I don't understand how come they can made such mistake as in The Ticket it was clearly "AX860i" also in the proof of purchashing has "AX860i".

Ànyway I was told that They will Send me a Pre-Paid Label and arrange the Couier for collection, will contact me WITHIN A DAY.


24 of August 2017:

One Week has been passed after WITHIN A DAY.

I LIVE CHAT with another Agent today and I was told they are very busy, will deal with my case when they are available. and he suggest me to be patient and just wait.


I asked he for Compaint Department that I was told Corsair Do not have such department.




Now................I do not know what to do.

This has been so difficult and made me so frustrating.

I will consult some friends and take legal action.

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Hi Everyone,


I got My RMA back, few days ago a agent confirmed with me that will send me a upgrade PSU. The new upgrade is AX1500i which is huge upgrade from AX860i.


Honestly I like Corsiar Products, PSU is my favor.


I have to admit Corsair did their's best for me, It is absolutely worth to wait for the new RMA.


I really appreciate Corsair solved my PSU problem and give me Double priced new PSU.


Thanks you very much.

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