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Brand new k95 platinum defect spacebar?


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Hello everyone.


I got a brand new k95 platinum yesterday. I love the keyboard exept for one thing. The spacebar, it's not smooth. It's somewhat ok on the left side but on the right side there is resistance and an uneven feeling.


I'm also noticing that the stabilizer on the left side is loose while it's really tight on the right side.


Is there something I can do to fix this myself?


It's really feels bad.


I'm coming from a mk85 keyboard that's perfekt with its spacebar.


Here is a link of the problem.



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mine stops working on the right side quite often & I have to firmly press it in the center to get it to work again.

I can get it to stop working easily by pressing the right edge, within about an inch on the right, and I hear a small pop & then the right doesnt respond until I press down the center again...

Between this & the macro software I am so disappointed in corsair

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