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Setting Key to Start Recording Macros


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I just purchased a K70 rapid fire keyboard and I've just downloaded the newest version of CUE2 2.16.87. I've spent about 4hrs with this version and the previous version trying to figure out if there was a way to set a key to start recording macros and haven't found a way. Is this possible or am I forced to click the record icon on the program?


Long boring background:

I'm playing a game that requires my character to move around the map to collect resources and i'd like to record all my movements with delays, keystrokes, mouse clicks and mouse movements through a predetermined route and back home to safety. I've been having trouble finding the easiest way to do this because if the starting position of the character or cursor is different by any significant degree the character ends up off course making the entire macro useless.


I've had to play the game in windowed mode so I can access CUE2 and start the recording and then quickly click back to the game in the background to start the routine. After I complete the routine I then finally go back to edit out all the unnecessary recorded mouse movements and clicks, but its a painful process because all the mouse movements are recorded creating a huge list of actions to go through in a very small window. I've tried spamming a key such as the "end" key, which has no assigned use in the game, to create a more easily seen log of actions to help me pinpoint the location of where I need to start editing. Then I delete everything the precedes it. However, after all the tedious hours spent trying to edit the macro the character just ends up stuck trying to leave the base.


I feel there must be a way to start the recording without having to play in windowed mode and having to click back and forth between CUE and the game to start and stop recording. Please help me.

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I second this question, and I've never been clear on if the MR button was originally only intended to record "hard" macros stored on the device itself or both in cue and on the device. You are saying you cannot tap the MR button for some reason? I personally have remapped them and didn't use it, but I certainly see the need to have a button start the record process and how you may want to change what button it is.
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