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P5AD2-E & 2G of 5400 XMS pro & 3dmark


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I just installed another 1GB of xms pro for a total of 2GB & now when I try to run 3d benchmark 2003 or 2005 my system locks up half way through the benchmark. Worked ok with 1GB. all bios settings set to auto with no overclocking. system seems to run ok other than this one problem with the benchmark.




P4 3.4G 800 fsb

4X 512 XMS PRO

1003 bios rev

6600GT pci-e with 128 meg ddr3

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every thing is set to auto in the bios, no overclocking

core clock of the video card is 300MHz mem clock 1.0GHz.


as stated in both my post bios is set to auto for bothe cpu & mem. Should I set it manualy & see what happens? what settings would u suggest. I havent really got into overclocking anything yet, its still a new system & I wanted to work all the bug out first, thats why I left everything set to auto.


Can you tell me the bios settings you have set for both CPU and memory and any performance settings that you may have set?
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