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[Void Wireless] Extremely loud on low volume level


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Proud owner of a Corsair VOID Wireless for 1,5 years now.

However, one thing that caught my attention at the very first moment I used it is the volume levels in Windows. Adjusting the volume with increments of 2 with the on-headset adjuster or on-keyboard rocker, I found that:

- level 2 is a bit low, but still audible

- level 4 is perfectly audible, it's the level I use most of the time

- level 6-10 is okay for when I use it with my windows open (wind, traffic and such)

- everything higher than that is audible through my whole room, which is at max 4 meters away from the headset. In addition, listening to it for more than 10 minutes had some serious impact on my ears and even gave me a slight headache.


I haven't touched sound presets in CUE or Windows. I am running the latest version of both CUE software and VOID firmware, as well as Windows. I have CUE profiles based on the default presets, where I only change stereo/surround and some keyboard (K65) settings when switching to a game. Volume across all profiles is not the issue here, just to be clear.


This never used to be a problem, until I recently:

- had a near-deaf experience when all my sound settings were (for some unknown reason) set to default, including Windows volume level 100.

- started recording my gameplays, where almost nothing could be heard. When I play with the sound through my monitorspeakers instead of my headset (on very hot days for example), which is around 80, this is not an issue anymore, while still maintaining a good volume level.


I've searched for others with the same problem, but usually ended up with someone whose sound was too low instead of high. Eventually I stumbled across some topics that were either outdated, or had a solution that did not work for me. For example:




How do I change something to make level +-50 the default perfectly-audible volume level instead of 4, like my previous (non-Corsair) headset? As this increases the amount of control I can have over my volume, as well as prevents me from possible future (near-)deaf experiences and will improve my overall recordingexperience.

Or do I have a malfunctioning Void Wireless?


Thanks in advance,


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What version of CUE do you have currently installed? Try rolling back to a previous version of CUE and let me know if the issue continues:




I have tried:





All with the latest firmware (39.02) on my VOID Wireless according to CUE.

1.10.67 gave no audio at all, while 1.16.42 and 2.16.87 (latest) did not fix the problems.


I can try more versions but I assume they all give the same results?

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