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Porblem with one of my TWINX modules CMX512-3200C2PT


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A little while ago, my computer failed to boot to the desktop. It would get most of the way there, but then blue screen and reboot.


I think it's one of the TWINX memory modules, because when I take one out, everything works fine. If I put the other one in, or both, the problem returns. I am currently running on a single stick of the matched pair and everything's fine. I tested my memory in another machine with exactly the same hardware and it had the same problem as expected.


I am currently running a P4 3.0 Hyperthreaded CPU on a Gigabyte 8KNXP motherboard. The memory is a TWINX matched pair of CMX512-3200C2PT modules. I let the motherboard determine the speed the memory runs at (400MHz) and the FSB is 800MHz.


The computer was built in April last year and has worked well until recently. There have been no hardware changes or anything out of the ordinary. The PC just started failing to boot one day. I don't overclock or use any crazy settings that should cause a problem that I know of.


My money is on a bad module, but I want to be sure before I try to RMA anything.


Any thoughts on what the problem is?


Thanks for taking the time to help.




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