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H80i GT High Temps Please help


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Hi everyone,

I am in need of some advice as im not too sure what the problem may be.


Now 2 and half years ago i brought a h80i GT cooler for my pc. up untill about 2 weeks ago it has been working 100% . idle was 35 ish depending on how hot it was on the day and max temp i would get too while gaming would be around 55c . Would never go above that temp.


Now 2 weeks ago i decided the pc needed a clean out so yh cleaned out the fans the rad other bits and bobs.((never removed the h80i gt pump from the cpu))

Put it all back together and soon afterwards i noticed my temps were a bit iffy. was reaching 70c on my cpu.

So decided to turn the raid with the hose down and yet still no difference. so then i turned it bk the other way. now while i was doing this and i did notice it the first time i cleaned it out that when i moved the rad i heard the water moving inside... thought that was a bit odd as i never heard it before or when i first put cooler in my pc. but thought nothing off it as some people say there never 100% filled and there can be some air in it.


with the temps still hitting higher than they should be (idle 50-55 load/gaming 70 ish) i decided to take it all off and clean it and reply the thermal paste and so on.

now i seem to be having more troubles than before. so i took it apart agian and tried agian. still same result.


My temps sitting in windows while writing this is at 70c 1-2% load . i did have trouble trying to get into windows as kept saying the cpu fan error which should not be happening as i checked all settings and wires and should all work. but after 2 hours, for some odd reason it decided to work ((was after i left it off for 10 mins)) so i got into windows, and the idle temps looked good. 34-36c . The room was a little colder than when i was trying before but not much of a difference. so i tried a few games out. was hitting about 55-60c . but after a while temps started to rise agian .


i tried reading everything i can and tried everything but im not too sure what is wrong. I believe it is my pump but i cant be certain.

Im sure i can fill it vibrating but its very minor vibrations ((pump set to max performance))

1 tube is very warm and the other is just normal i would say not hot, and not dead cold. but the difference between the 2 pipes are really noticeable.

Where the pipes go into the rad, the hot pipe side is hot and the other is metal cold. My fans blow out cold air.


current temps right now is


68-70c cpu.

52c H80i GT


these temps have not changed at all.


is my pump dead? well not dead but not performing as it should be? CL reports its running 3200 rpm((performance mode)) and it changes to 2100rpm in quite mode.


i not sure if im missing something or not. ive tried lots of things that people have said on the net but nothing has worked.


back plate is not lose and its tight, ive seated it the same way i did when i first put it in. cleaned it all properly with right cleaning stuff too.


oh when i load up into windows my temps are at 80-99c and the h80i is near 60c.

the slighted bit of load sends the temps flying sky high.



Intel 4970k 1150

Asus ranger VII

850w corsair .

Corsair case

H80i GT cooler


P.s The rad at the moment is hose up with fans acting as an exhaust which is the way i have always had it and when it was working perfectly too. ((tried others ways but nothing works))

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You appear to have a flow problem of some type. It is possible for the pump to still register a speed, but not adequately move the coolant. It is also possible there is something impeding the flow through the pump housing. Unfortunately, none of these things have household or easy remedies. I would suggest starting a tech support ticket from the link at the top of this page.


There is not a lot you can do. Once you get the coolant up and if its not circulating, you only get warmer. The only thing that might have a chance is to take the cooler off and shake it again, then install it, but don't power it on. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then give it a go. This might have a chance if your pump is particulate clogged, but the CPU error suggests there may be an electrical issue or disturbance on that end. It does not look overly promising.

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thanks for the reply.


as an update, after messing around for about 5 hours, i started to bang on the rad and pump as it was running. and within about 5 secs, the temps dropped from about 70c idle in windows to 50. i left a little while, then tried agian, and they went lower. manged to get it down to idle 40c and stayed like that for one hour.

when i say "bang" i mean a firm tap.


so after that test of idle in windows i was happy (( use to be what i got)) i tried it in a game that i know that plays heavy on my cpu and temps.


got them temps to 55-60c for 5 hours straight which im more than happy with as that was the normal for this game and before these problems occured.


so went to bed . left the pc off for about 15 hours, started agian and everything seems to be fine now?


would it be the case that air pockets got into the pump etc..?? or something else?

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I am always a little skeptical about bubbles choking the life out of a cooler, but it could also be a particulate problem. So, now that it is settled, don't move it any more than necessary. Maybe you can squeeze out some more time. However, I am still concerned about the CPU fan error. That cannot be attributed bubbles or particulate. Keep an eye on it.


I would also start a support ticket with Corsair to register the issue. It is not an irrevocable course of action, so you can choose to wait it out and see how things progress. Regardless, having to scramble when a cooler does go down isn't very fun and it will be easier if this problem is already on record.

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