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570X with more expansion slot (full-tower)


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Hello everyone... especially if there corsair staff reading this post


i wonder, if there any plan for corsair to expand

"tempered glass" series cases in the future?


tempered glass been quite trending in pc cases lately...and i like 570X

but with only 2x 3.5" slot somehow it stopped me to get it

i know maybe nowdays people use NAS for SOHO storage...


but my current rig is workstation, and i use many HDD for storage (5~6 hdd with 2~3 SSD)


so maybe corsair going to releasing 570x big brother that is full tower with bunch expansion slot ? that will be awesome


also please give the reset button, i know nowdays it seems no one using it anymore, but there is a time i still using it

those BSOD from bad driver - hardware issue etc.

or maybe corsair can make it "multi-function" power button... like long hold = power off... quick press = reset

not sure if such this viable


well i know there might many reason that might hold back releasing full tower tempered cases... probably like difficulties for shipping, the bigger the size it will can be also means higher risk the glass shatter on shipping etc.

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