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Corsair AX860 compatible with type 4(gen 3)cables?


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This response is not very helpful because the chart does not specifically call out the AX860. Is that Gold? Platinum? Why don't you put specific model numbers in the chart, or add a subchart that translates between specific model numbers and the general categories of the chart you pointed to. Also it would be very helpful if the accessories page listed specific model numbers that each item was compatible with beside the item. Overall you have made what could be a simple, clear process into something confusing and obscure. (There seem to be a lot of people asking questions like this. How come your web or support team didn't pick up on this and fix the problem long before I came here.)


Note also that the Accessories link at http://www.corsair.com/en-us/power-supply-units does not work and no AX product line is listed. If I click on it anyway, I only get the 860i on the subsequent page.


If I click on the FAQ to look up what cables are used with the 860i, rather than list the cables, it takes me back to the non-helpful chart.


Unfortunately this difficult-to-use characteristic seems to extend to other parts of the web site. For example, it is incredibly annoying to have to answer a captcha each time one wants to do a search. I can't see why this is necessary. (If it is to prevent someone doing a denial of service via excessive searches, just add throttling per IP address to your network infrastructure rather than adding in annoying captchas on each search request for every user.)


You have great products but a lousy support web site. The is a lot of room for improvement to extend the product excellence to service excellence. The net result of all this is that I will have to call your tech support team to make sure the cable I order really fits the AX860 and won't blow up my system. That is a waste of my time and your money since you have to field the call.

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The AX860 and AX860i use Type 3 Cables.


However as I've discovered recently, Type 4 cables will work just fine in Type 3 PSUs. The only caveat is if you want to use a Type 4 ATX cable, you will need to cut the 4-pins containing the sense cables from the ATX PSU-side cable.


You can look here for more details: https://www.modders-inc.com/power-supply-pinout-repository/8/


I recently converted a Type 4 28-pin ATX cable to work on my AX1200i as described above, and am using an entire set of the Premium Sleeved Corsair cables without issue. Tested stable with a Tt Dr Power II and individual pins with my MM.



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