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Install software yes or no


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I have a PC running windows 10 and installed a Corsair Hydro H100i V2.

I'm wondering if i should install the software.


I'm getting mixed signals about the functionality.

Is it only a monitoring tool and to set a profile or can i operate it like a fan controller.


I would really like it to control the fan speed for my radiator.

So when the CPU becomes hot the fan's are at high speed and when the CPU is cold the fan's are at low speed.


An other option is that i use my fan controller. My fan controller (al lamptron touch) has temp sensor's who control the fan but i'm not sure where to place the temp sensors for monitoring the CPU temp.


Thanks for your help

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Generally, you should at least try the software. If it conflicts with something essential to you or causes issues in another way, there are ways to address it and it is not required for operation.


In the normal state with no other devices besides the H100i v2, Link can only control the radiator fans connected to the pump. However, you have the ability to control fan speed based on coolant temperature (H100i v2 Temp) and not CPU temperature. This is how the cooler actually works. Cold plate conducts heat away from the cpu into the stream. Fans and radiator get rid of the heat in the stream. If the coolant does not get hotter, you don't need more fan speed. You can also control the LED on the cooler from Link and some other Corsair products can be tied to it.


If you decide not to use Link, take the fans off the pump splitter and move them to your motherboard or fan controller. Everything still works the same way, but the fans will likely be tied to CPU temp, which will cause a lot of dynamic speed changes. Those aren't needed and if you can find a steadier value that reflects your load (like VRM temp), that can work too. My mobo has some temp probe sensors and I can run a wire up to the exhaust point on the radiator, essentially mimicking coolant temp by measuring the exhaust air temp. Those two values will be more or less the same and this is a reliable and efficient way to do it.

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