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Which components could or can i get in my case?

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Hello Corsair Community.


Im new here and i need some advices, suggestion, and help about what hardwere should I install on my PC. I have the Carbide Series® Air 240, and im saving some money to buy some high (not really ultra high just for gaming) perfomance components. I will use the PC for gaming only. Gonna need a i7 at least 32GB RAM, GTX1080, liquid cooling to. I love the combination of green and white. Im not in to hardware, im just a gamer, so if you can i would love you to send some links below, how many and wich fans could i install, which cooling should i get, what motherboard, and so on. I preffer the Corsair products offcourse.


If I have some writting mistakes dont hate me Im from Bosnia&Herzegovina. Hope someone will help me here cause i dont wanna buy something that wont fitt or work. Thank you.

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Hi Friends,

I am NEW to the corsair user forums.

I am building a NEW PC with ASUS prime Z270K motherboard and INTEL core i5 7th series processor. Which is the best liquid cooler fits in corsair carbide series 100R non-windowed case. I couldn't find space for a double FAN liquid cooler in the case.

Could any one please suggest a good quiet liquid cooler for my PC?

Many Thanks

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