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Corsair One Pro - Multiple Issues + Unable to login to Support Page


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Here are a list of problems I've encountered since Day one of getting my Corsair One Pro. I managed to fix one with the help of Google..


Can't get into Support Page

I have not been able to log-in to the support page for the past 4 days because it keeps telling me I have the wrong password. I've tried changing the password multiple times, and I still get the same error. I will try to call Corsair tomorrow, but if you can look into it for me, I would be elated.



When I first booted up my COP, it had no issues for the first 15mins until I installed Adobe Creative Cloud. Then I got a BSOD with stop code: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL


Every time I boot my computer and get to desktop, my computer would BSOD. I did some research and found the issue was with the Intel Wireless Driver. I booted into safe mode no networking, downloaded the newest driver on my phone, and installed it on my computer. It fixed the problem.


Bluetooth Driver Malfunctioning or Bluetooth chip is damaged

I paired my Surface keyboard for a mere 2 minutes before it dropped connection. Afterwards I could not get it to restart. I removed the device and tried to re-pair but the computer could not connect because it either believes the bluetooth is turned off or my computer does not support bluetooth. I tried uninstalling the bluetooth driver and reinstalling with the new one from the Corsair website and also the newest one from Intel. Neither worked and the bluetooth driver disappeared from the device manager! It's not in the hidden tab neither! Yet when I try to repair with the new BT driver, it says it in installed on my computer. I factory resetted my computer. The issue persists.


Unknown USB Device in Device Manager

I have no idea what it is because I have nothing plugged in the USB port but my mouse and keyboard. I uninstall it from the device manager, but it comes back at restart. It was there since I got the computer.


So much lag

I have no idea why this computer lags just using chrome. After bootup, my COP is already using up 16% of 16GB of ram. With 3 tabs open on Chrome, corsair website, this forum page, and photobucket, it uses 32% ram. My mouse cursor lags when panning the screen and chrome will freeze. Even without using chrome, my mouse lags. I was planning to use this computer to do creative work with the adobe suite, but I can't even browse facebook on chrome with lagging. This is unacceptable for a computer with this spec.


Hope you can help me out.....



PS: I have all drivers up to date + latest windows update..



Intel Core i7-7700K,

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

16GB DDR4-2400



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