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CUE doesn't seems to use the downloaded profile correctly.


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Hello, everyone. First-time poster here. I currently have a K70 RGB Rapidfire that I love love love so much. However, it is encountering a rather odd problem. I updated my CUE and now my keyboard and the CUE is stuck in the default profile. For some reason when I tried to download other profile with active lighting, it shows the lighting during the preview. But when I downloaded it down, the lighting scheme reverts to the default rotating Rainbow one. I checked on the actions of the downloaded profile and there's nothing in there. Meanwhile, if I use the ones with more passive lighting the keyboard just refuses to show any LED lighting at all. I've soft reset my keyboard, uninstall and clear registry, then install again repeatedly, but nothing changed. Should I try an older version of CUE? or maybe flash the firmware? I love my keyboard and its lighting scheme too much, so any help is much appreciated!
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