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3200XLPTv1.2 won't run at stock settings


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I've just bought a pack of TwinX 1GB 3200XLPT v1.2. (TCCD chips on brainpower PCB). I'm running an Athlon XP3200 on an Abit AN7 mb using the lastest bios. It won't run at stock speed and timing and produces errors in Memtest86 v3.2. (the errors always occur at 843.2MB)


Settings are:


FSB: 200mhz

FSB/DRAM Ratio 6:6

CAS latency: 2 clocks

RAS to CAS Delay: 2 clocks

RAS precharge: 2 clocks

Cycle Time (TRAS):5 clocks

CPU Interface: Enabled

DIMM Voltage :2.8V (2.7V produces same results, and there is no setting for 2.75V)


I used to have a pack of 3200XL v1.1 that ran error free upto 216MHZ, 2,2,2,5. I sold that and bought the new version hoping it would clock higher, but it can't even run at stock. :[pouts:


I understand that the AN7 always sets CPC to 1T and you can't change it. Would this be the problem?


I would prefer not to RMA, as I live in the UK and bought it online. It would take weeks and would be a major hassle!

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