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M65 Pro RGB scrolling issues


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I'm having erratic scrolling issues with the M65 Pro RGB Mouse. I find it to be a great gaming mouse, except when I try to use the scroll button, the screen jumps all over the place. If I try to scroll down, the screen will go down for a couple clicks, then jump upwards, and I have to keep scrolling as it keeps jumping back and forth, sometimes rapidly. This happens in all applications, games, and browsing the web.


Driver is current, CUE software is current, but there are no options to adjust the scroll button.


I'm kind of at a loss here, anyone here have this issue or know of a fix?



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Thanks for replying. I've only had the M65 for about 4 weeks, it's perfectly clean. I take extremely good care of my mouse/keyboard, not letting gunk or dust build up. It didn't do this when I first purchased it, only started about a couple of weeks ago.


I'm thinking it may be a driver or CUE software issue with Windows 10, though I have no proof of that and can't track anything down in control panel. I've had other minor annoyances with Win 10 since the "creators update" awhile back.


I have no issues with my K95 Plantinum RGB keyboard, just recently with the M65. I really like the aesthetics of the MS65, K95, and the MM800 RGB mouse pad. Just don't know how long I can put up with this scrolling issue, I may have to revert back to my old Rat 7.

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