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Corsair should include a HDMI cable


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I believe Corsair should supply a HDMI cable with their Corsair ONE.



This isn't to say that all the display issues are caused by having a faulty HDMI or Displayport cable and I don't want to seem like everyone's problems here are just because of that. But it is one factor out of many that could be causing it.



Now I know what is going through Corsair employees minds right now: Why the hell should we supply the HDMI cable because the user is stupid and doesn't know when they have a bad one?



Well the answer to that is with a $2000+ system you want to make sure people are having a good experience with it. And that $2000 experience can be ruined by a 7$ cable and thereby deem the system worthless and the user won't even know if the cause of it was their own HDMI cable. Sure some of the more knowledgeable ones might figure it out but for all the others that do not, they will just blame the stupid computer(like I did when I told my parents the computer they bought is crap but later found out it was bad HDMI cable).



For Corsair who is trying to gain market share in the prebuilt gaming computers, some people just want to be able to plug it in and it work with the least amount of hassle. Why do you think Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony all provide HDMI cables with their system. Because they know that if a person uses his own faulty cable and the system doesn't work, the user is not going to know that it is because of the HDMI cable, all they will think this piece of crap Nintendo doesn't work and leave with a negative view of the whole experience. Is keeping the cost of the Corsair ONE down by $7 for a HDMI cable worth any of the potential negative experiences that people will have and return and remember forever and will then tell their friends and so on.



Anyway that's my thoughts on this. I think it would be smart to increase the cost of the system by $7 and include a HDMI or Displayport cable to prevent one source of potential negative experiences. It is after all a prebuilt gaming system and all the gaming companies know it is smart to include a HDMI cord in case the user uses a faulty cable of their own but does not know it but just blames whatever system they just bought. (Xbox, PS4, Switch).



I want to end this rant by again stating that this is not trying to trivialize the display issues that users on here are having by saying: “Oh just go buy a new HDMI cable it will solve all your problems”. I don’t have any numbers but that probably is not even the main cause of these display issues. No this just lowers the potential for new users coming to computer gaming from having bad experiences and blaming the system or Corsair and leaving with a bad impression of the company when the problem could have been the HDMI cord.

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So I suspect part of the issue is that Corsair One's HDMI ports are both HDMI 2.0, and I ran into that can of worms with another system at home trying to connect it to my 4K TV.


The garden variety el cheapo HDMI cables were fine for 1.4 but start to really hit their limits when HDMI 2.0 is involved.


I'm still not sure it makes sense for us to be packing HDMI cables with Corsair One; most monitors will come with their own, and many users should be using DisplayPort anyhow. It's also very unusual for a PC to include a display cable.


As far as cables go, I generally recommend these for most users:


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