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When my PSU in higher load,distribute heating plastic smell


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Sorry for my bad english,but I'll try to explain my problem.


Early July I bought my first corsair PSU(RM750x),and when the PSU is in higher load,distribute heating plastic smell from the shell and the vent of PSU.


I'm worried about this.So I contected the seller and changed the same and new PSU .Unfortunately it also distribute heating plastic smell in higher load.


So I applied for RMA by the end of July.After RMA,I got a new RM750x.But sadly,same problem.


Does the part of this series PSU use any materials that cause this problem?


My spec


MB:Gigabyte G1-sniper h6

GPU: Gigabyte G1-gaming 980ti

5 fans,1 SSD,1 HDD

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  • Corsair Employees

It's just the solder flux. You can RMA that PSU a dozen times and still have the smell... Whenever the unit hits a certain temperature, it's going to have a smell.


Eventually, it will "burn off"... that is, if you are willing to wait a bit and not freak out and exchange the PSU everytime you smell something. :D:


Wish you would've posted the first time you experienced it. Could've saved you a lot of hassle.

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