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Corsair Hydro H80i V2 CW-9060024-WW written LED


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The LED color is tied to a specific coolant temperature (H80i v2 temp) in Link. I am not sure the defaults are the same for all coolers, so I can't pin point it for you exactly, but it likely turns red between 40-45C. You have the ability to change this within Link. There is nothing special about the 40C line. If it's Summer time and the room is warm, you will hit this every single day doing very little. In the Winter, raising the coolant temperature from 20C to 40C would represent a substantial amount of heat in the system and the color change would be more meaningful. You might want to raise it up a little (50C perhaps) if your base idle temperature is close to 40C.


You also don't have to use this function at all and can set the LED color to whatever you want for decorative purposes.

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