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Corsair One Pro Uncommon Noise


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Hi everyone!

I bought my Corsair One Pro like three Weeks ago and i'm very happy with it.


Since a few days, the system is making an uncommon noise, like something hitting the fan.

I already checked the top-fan and couldn't find any problem with it.

The noise appears when the system is getting hot (playing a game for example).

If i tilt the PC to the left (view front side) the noise disappears.


Any solutions? =)


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  • Corsair Employees

Huh that is odd, I can not help much unless I take a look at the unit in person. If you are comfortable opening it the side panel, you can take a look and see if anything is hitting the GPU fan? It is odd that noise only appears when the system is under load though. To be safe can you submit a support ticket and let me know, so I can forward this to a rep to check it out further for you?



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