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Voice Prompts (Void Wireless) problem.


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This is not the first thread I open about this issue, last time I just forgot about it (it was like 18 months ago)


The issue is that when I enable Voice Prompts (I do it just to avoid the beep everytime I alt tab out of a game because I'm using game profiles) windows sound mixer will start changing volumes by itself with the time.


It's not happening just right after enabling voice prompts, it can take some days of use and will gradualy change them.


This is after 24-48 hours. (I turned up headset volume to 100% to clearly see the differences, it usually sits at 10-20%) http://i.imgur.com/0zqWOQZ.png


It will go much worse than this, sometimes chrome or discord will go down to very low levels, like 2-4-6% and need to manually adjust them. Some apps seem to be affected more than others too, for whatever reason. Perhaps the apps I use more gets more affected? I don't know. No need to say that normally everything should be on par at the same level of headset volume and that disabling Voice Prompts will totally fix the problem.


Like I said before, this issue is old already, nothing to do with some recent update or something. If you need any more data just ask me.

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Have you disabled the volume reduction feature in Windows?


Right Click the Speaker icon in the notifications tray > Sounds > Playback devices > Communication > Do nothing.






In the last 48 hours, volumes haven't changed, they are as showed in the first post.

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Today I woke up to this. Discord, Windows and STEAM friend alerts are almost muted. I haven't done anything other than play some games, use discord and chrome and watch some film.


Keep in mind Im putting headset volume to 100% to take this screenshot, to clearly see how volumes are changing by themselves. If I down headset volumes to 20% (like normal use) Discord/STEAM/Windows are at around 2-4% right now, which is basically inaudible. Again, this only happens to my Void wireless while Voice Prompts are activated. Disabling Voice Prompts will stop this and other sound devices work just fine. This issue been going on for very long aswell.



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