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Connection between Corsair Link to the HD/SP120 Fan


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just to make you aware,


You can not control Both hd rgb fans and sp rgb fans through the same rgb fan led hub buddy


you would need 2 rgb fan led hub's if you plan to mix both hd and sp rgb fans. Because within CLink you have to select the type of fan connected to that hub which makes that type of fan default for all 6 channels


to connect them so you can control within CLink you would need a Commander pro

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So lets say it just 3 HD120, i can control it by using the software on computer? Even turning it off when i dont need it? thanks


you would still need a commander pro (or lighting node pro) to connect the rgb fan led hub to as only the commander pro or lighting node pro have the usb connection needed. to add. ONLY the commander pro can also control fan speeds. the Lighting node pro is unable to do this.

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