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Ticket ID 606009. 6 days later no response


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It's been 6 full days since I submitted a ticket for a PSU which failed to start my computer the day I received it. Unbelievable how it could take so long to even get to the RMA stage ( I have only submitted a support ticket and made it no further)!!! Worse than EVGA who I left because the were phishing for extra money during an RMA and even though my product with EVGA was within warranty I decided to leave them and buy a Corsair PSU. Big mistake apparently and I am shocked that the RMA process could be worse than EVGA. Please tell me this is a dream? Where is the support team?


If love for this RMA to get done but, alternatively, if anyone has suggestions for a quality 1000w PSU brand/model that's reliable and has good support, please feel free to mention it because I'm over this nightmare!

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