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Help! Why does my Corsair Utility Engine randomly have a Chinese profile? 娊症듥䄽ສ類棨ĸཨ


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I'm not sure where else to ask for help so apologies in advance. I've owned the Corsair k65 RGB for a few years now and both my CUE and keyboard are always updated (Software: 1.16.42 and Firmware 2.05, Bootloader: 0.11).


I just noticed that my CUE now has a Chinese profile. It has an incredibly weird lighting profile and nothing comes up when I copy/paste the characters to Google Translate. 娊症듥䄽ສ類棨ĸཨ


Is this some weird backdoor keylogger? Thoughts on how I should handle (beyond deleting the profile)?


Screenshot 1: http://imgur.com/sa19VKv


Screenshot 2: http://imgur.com/pl1Ujpp

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I have no idea how that came up (and we stopped support on CUE 1 for over a year now). The only way for a profile to show up is to be imported. CUE also won't update itself because we used a different method to update CUE2 (and CUE1 won't ever be updated again).
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