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Difference between K70 RGB and K70 LUX RGB


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There are two models on the site:


Is there a way to understand the difference between these two models? :)


I've analyzed their tech. specifcations side-by-side and what I got:




So, I've underlined the difference:


1. There are two different key switching technologies: "Cherry MX Red" and "Cherry MX RGB Red". Is it correct? Or is it just a mistake in the description on the site and there is only "Cherry MX Red" technology?

2. I see also two different keyboard backlighting: "RGB LED" and "RGB". Is it mistake again or is it real two different backlighting? What's better then?


Also, I've noticed that LUX version also has a USB port but nothing said about that in tech. spec. of the model CH-9101010-NA (or maybe I missed that) and different fonts on keys between these two models. And also I've read about some probken with lighting controller on non-LUX version but I'm not sure about it - I mean is it true?


So, guys, I'm frustrated. Could you please tell me what are real and specific differences between mentioned models?


Thank you very much!


P.S. I've tried to google for this info but nothing relative was found... And I'm sorry if you've already discussed it before :)

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The K70 LUX RGB (CH-9101010-NA) is the updated version of the K70 RGB (CH-9000118-NA). As you mentioned, the LUX has the USB pass-through, larger font, and improved lighting controller. The Cherry MX Switches, form factor, and functionality of the keyboards are exactly the same between the two, minus the previous differences mentioned.
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