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Finding compatible Memory for my Motherboard


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I have the ASUS P6X58D Premium Motherboard. The memory module I currently have is the Dominator TR3X6G1600C8D (3x2GB). I have 3 empty slots, and I want to increase the memory. This MB can take up to 24GB of RAM, so anything additional between 6GB and 16GB will be fine.

Second question is: am I better off staying with speed of 1600 MHz (as is my current Dominator), or can I go with faster modules like 1800 MHz, 1866MHz, or even 2000 MHz? (I don't do overclocking).

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I have the same setup as yours, and am also looking to bump up my ram. My rig has been VERY stable for years. Please note that you cannot use more than one channel per slot at 1600 MHz or faster -- i.e., you can only use slots a1, b1, and c1 for 2000 MHz, 1866 MHz, 1800 MHz, or 1600 MHz. At those speeds, the most ram you can install is 12 GB. If you want 24GB, then you have to use 6x4GB set for 1333 MHz.


I am currently thinking of getting Corsair Vengeance 3x4GB 1600MHz ($104.99 at Amazon). I cannot find Kingston modules (recommended in the Asus manual) and the only Corsair Dominator three pack I can find is $368.


If you can find anyone running more than 6 GB on this motherboard, I would love to hear it.

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