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Still with old commander in win10 creators update nothing working


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Still with old Commander and newest win 10 update...and things not well..corsair link still broken?:mad::mad::mad::mad:


Just upgraded dual-xeon board from asus z9pe-d8 ws to asrock lga-2011 v3 with 2x 18 core xeons v3. But still with the original commander, and 2xh80i's.


Of course, now get the annoying not recognizing the h80i's or commander again (yes using last good known version of corsairlink, v 3.5.xxxx), even after doing the changing usb thing.


So, worth upgrading to commander mini? Or is corsairlink still broken? Any other fan hardware/software combinations that would work with 2x h80is? As it is have disconnected old corsair link commander and now thankfully the constant on/off belldoor ringing of usb connecting/disconnecting has stopped (all via 2x nzxt internal usb hub expanders, as like the z9pe-d8 ws my new asrock ep2c612 ws only has one internal usb 2 header).


Could almost try Redrock's siv solution, but steep learning curve and not exactly intuitive. Still doesn't help if usb of corsair not recognized. As it is all 11! fans going full blast, but better than the plinging of usb disconnects.


Any and all advice appreciated. Need another psu for the old rig soon to be network render node, and no I don't think it will be a corsair one! :mad::mad::mad:

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Uhhm quick update..even with old commander unplugged, the 2 x h80i's not recognized. Can't see them in device manager in any case. All 11 fans going full tilt of course. My little home office sounds like a server room despite replacing all the crap corsair fans with noctuas. Brilliant.


Any ideas? Software that might work iff I plug all fan headers into mobo? Don't want to try and change fan settings via bios..hopeless. Fan controllers that can manage 11 fans? And how will the pumps on h80i's fare?


Desperate here (and no after seeing all the posts, commander mini is EXTREMELY unlikely, especially for 800 kroner or 100 usd here in Norway...)..not a happy camper!


Might just try out redray's siv version after all here...

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