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Corsair XMS Twinx XMS3200R - 512mb x2 -


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Does This Memory Work with Any Double Socket 940 Motherboards?

I have stability issues with a Tyan Thunder K8W with this ram - teste d on 3 of their boards...


I am thinking of getting a Gigabyte "GA-7A8DW" to replace the tyan, is their likly to be any stability issues with this board?


If There is , what RAM would you recomend running in either board?



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The board calls for ECC & Registered memory, but I think you can shut off the Master ECC and thus run non-ECC (But still registered) memory modules.


The Giga-Byte board should work alright, but they can be a bit testy when it comes to ANY performance memory. I think you'll be alright with those modules, but definately bump the voltage just a little.


As for the Tyan board, they have a history about 3 miles long of not supporting performance memory modules. In fact, if you called them up right now, they would NOT give you any technical support unless your memory modules appear on their QVL. This means that if you follow their rules, you have a very stable system, but also means you have limited choices. Just FYI.




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