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K70 LUX USB Passthrough not working.


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I just recently got a K70 LUX, and now noticed that the usb passthrough isn't working on my pc.

When i plug in explample an xbox controller in, the light on the controller might flash, and it vibrates, but windows never recognises it. It still supplies power, as my usb fan works on it, but the data connection seems to be broken.

It's plugged in to a USB 2 port.


On my laptop it works, but not on my pc.

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Do you have a different set of USB ports you are able to connect to on the PC? Doesn't sound like a hardware issue since it works on a different system.


I can test it on a different usb port, but i only have the set of usb's on the back. I have USB 3 ports in the front, but they dont work for some reason (apparently mobo issue)


Does it matter which USB ports the cables are connected?

As i have the keyboard connected to dedicated mouse/keyboard ports on the mobo (idk if they are any different than regular usb 2) and the passthrough cable in a regular port.

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