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somewhere around a year ago, I purchased 512 meg of pc2700 xms low latency platinum (2-2-2-5). I've been really pleased with this memory, but I'm now at the point of needing to upgrade it (an extra 512 meg) and so wanted to get exactly the same type again. Problem I'm having is that the I can't find anywhere that still sells the pc2700 LLPT modules, and I also noticed they don't appear on the corsair site anymore (apart from twin configuration). So basically what I'm after is what would be a suitable replacement module that would work with my existing one. Would 512 meg of the PC3200 LLPT be ok or would something else be more suitable?





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Welcome to the forums, rcompton!


Unfortunately, you'll probably have a pretty hard time matching anything to your PC2700 module.


I'd call around to any small-time, local computer stores to see if they still have any. Otherwise, you'll have to guess at what will match up. The problem is that the IC's (memory chips) have changed dramatically and might not work very well with your module!


IMHO, the best thing would be to sell the PC2700 module and get a TwinX set of PC3200 so you can upgrade other parts later.


If you REALLY want to try and match something, the CMX512-3200LL is probably a best bet.




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