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AM4 Bracket on v1 H50


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Pretty much what the title says, anybody know if using the AM4 bracket with the first version of the H50 is compatible?




that's the version I'm talking about..


the newer one looks like so; http://corsair.com/media/catalog/product/h/5/h50_back_fan_2.png



if anybody can confirm please let me know, thanks. ;):

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Think I might just go ahead and use the stock cooler then and order up something new.. think I've had this AIO H50 since 2009 lol, it's still chucking along, keeping an FX 6300 4.7Ghz chilly since 2013


yeah the answer is no,

if your case can handle it then go with the twin radiator units, the h115i is fantastic (well it helps that it was cheaper than even the h80 a few weeks back when I bought it) mostly because the 140mm fans run quieter than the 120's :P

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