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Mouse cursor lag when Corsair Link is turned on?


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Hello there,


For the past 4-5 days, whenever my Corsair Link was running (minimized but still running in the background) my mouse cursor would lag (Had this PC installed with Corsair Link for the past 6 months and never had that problem before). When turned off however, everything seemed to fix itself. Also this lag would only happen when doing stuff on windows 10 desktop itself (Browser, going through files, etc.) when running game, the lag would dissapear but as soon as I would close the game the lag would return, and can only be fixed by turning off Corsair link completely.


Would anyone know a solution to this problem? I usually only use Corsair Link to check my voltage and temps, so not beeing able to run it all the time isn't a problem for me but I'm just wondering if it's a bug or a certain setting within the software itself.

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  1. What CL hardware do you have, just the Corsair RM750i?
  2. Exactly which mouse do you have?
  3. You could try my SIV utility and see what happens.
  4. Are the mouse and RM750i connected to the same USB hub?
  5. If you post the SIV [uSB Bus] panel I can check what is where.
  6. Over the years I have seen some strange effects that went away when a USB mouse was moved to a different USB port.

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